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Martyn Tverdun -  a painter and printmaker.        Bio/CV >>

Brooklyn, New York

"All my life I have tried to find true direction.

I have never known "who I am" – jazzman, artist, husband, lover, or somebody else?

I have tried many ways, and lost a lot of time.

I have stopped wanting to know “who I am”.

Now I know: identity is mere distraction, self-expression is vanity, styles are marketing.

Now I know: meaning is between the lines, in hidden depth, in the wholeness of art and life.

It is not important what I say, what I paint, what I play – only what is behind, beyond, inside."

Last shows:

FOP 2019 - Pleiades Gallery; Chelsea, NYC

Spring 2018 - Gallery House (DGT Foundation); NYC

BOS 2016 - Bushwick Community Darkroom; NYC

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