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Martyn Tverdun (b. 1975, UA)

Whether working as a painter, printmaker, antiques restorer or jazz musician, Martyn Tverdun has lived many lives.

After finishing his art education in Ukraine, he felt overwhelmed with its traditional approach to art. He wanted something new.

For many years, music became his primary medium.

Leading the life of a performing musician, he lived across Europe before he finally landed in New York.

To make a living, he restored antiques. In close daily contact with great pieces of art, he realized that he strived to paint again.

Today, Martyn is an aspiring painter and printmaker who works in the figurative genre. His approach is to balance his deep knowledge of anatomy with a desire to simplify the human body to a symbol.

To reach his goal, he uses two different techniques: Painting offers him unlimited possibilities in color, tone, texture, and size. Concurrently, block printing limits him to one color, precise lines, no tonal gradation, and a limited printing size. The two approaches create a unique tension in his work.


Lviv College of Applied Arts, Master degree 1995

Lviv Academy of Art, Unfinished 1995 - 1998


2018 - Knowing Me, Knowing You, Gallery House by DGT Foundation inc., NY

2016 - Prisoners (the Birds), BOS 2016, Bushwick Community Darkroom, NY

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