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We choose prison voluntarily.

We know that outside is wild beauty, fresh air and vibrant sky.

Yet we prefer to observe it all through our window screen.

Prison protects us from the wind, which blows out our thoughts, plans, and conceptions.

Only in prison can we pretend that we are Gods.

My approach to creativity has always been empirical rather than conceptual.

I seek something behind words, behind language, behind our brains.

That approach is sufficient on a personal level, but when it comes to communication with others, even like-minded individuals, there is a gap.

Society wants you to wear some label, to be identified as one thing or another.

An artist is supposed to be a writer.

But isn't art a language in itself?

Isn't it sufficient?

I feel so.

Most of people likely do not understand this language. Due to that inability, they think that the artist should bare that educative mission.

Maybe they are right to some extent.

If not an artist, who?

Therefore, being free in nature, I put myself into the prison of my mind deliberately.

I have painted walls… They restrict me, and they protect me.

Anyway, I don't want to forget about the wild nature, the vibrant sky, and…

I have painted a window… An opened window without any grid, glass, or even frame. I want to observe the beauty without any obstacles.

And I have painted myself inside the restricted room…

Painted my soul… The most complex part of myself.

And that complexity strives to be expressed.

It needs a totem!

I have painted a vessel and a plant, which reflects the complexity by its shape and meaning...

Here it is! The place where words are ending, and art is starting.

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