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Forma de Drama

author: Martyn Tverdun.

music: Beethoven string quartet (C# minor)

Forma de Drama started in Paris, where I had been living few month in summer 2009. By order of fate I had got to some squad or sort to say commune in very heart of Paris. (Young people had occupied the building of bankrupt institution, and they had sent a petition to the government about establishing the society.)

It was new and interesting. But being in so messy environment of "young creative commune" had caused deep desire for perfection, for perfect form, which could express the essence of those days state. Namely - solitude and therewith craving for close person, alike lonely person.

This desire resulted in the formal solution of world drama of dualism. The material world, where there are contrasting polarities which attract and repel each other creating tension - the worldwide drama.

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