the Flights and Ways

That, what seems very easy to perpetrate for someone else, needs emphatically efforts for you and seems like fumbling around. That other doesn't attempt to immerse so deeply, but just feel flow compliance, what is vain for you. 

the Night Moonlight

shines so wanly, so inexplicable. Any kind of relationships could exist in spotlight of that luminary. It doesn't illuminate a filth, but only the soul shadows, no longer shackled by the body. All nature beings grow simultaneously. 

the Nixie

She had quenched my disobedience, though I haven't been so gullible. But it was funny to contemplate how vulnerable is my invincibility.

Leda and the Swan

She had withheld, being rankled by the doubts. But he had clinged and clutched so shrewdly that reconciliation was inevitable. Deep discernment soothes any sores.


Heed emphatically on your perpetration. You will receive a humble mat like punitive measure. But who knows? May be it's not a punishment. May be God has heard your supplications and you may secede of that vicious circle.

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